Phoenix, AZ

Dominic Robinson


Dominic Teaches: Hitting, Pitching, Catching, Outfield, Baserunning and Strength

About Dominic:
Dominic Robinson is the founder and director of 3D Sports Performance and 3D Gold athletics. Born and raised in Diamond Bar, California, Dominic is a coach and mentor who has made it his life's work to use the knowledge and experience obtained in athletics to teach, train and advance youth into respectful, accountable, well-rounded young adults; Prepared daily for sports, school and life beyond. A master instructor of the Epstein Hitting System since 2012 his program is driven by video analysis and swing data. We don't believe in a cookie cutter approach to the baseball swing, as each hitter presents different challenges within their physical and mental make up. The high speed video allows us an opportunity to spot any trouble spots and gives each hitter a visual as we have found that feel is different than real. Many players can't feel their flaws until they see them. We then will give them a drill or swing progression to work on at home throughout the week to combat the bad habit or swing inefficiency. We don't teach the traditional swing, we teach the swing that you see on TV. And we use video of MLB players to confirm that. One of the great advantages to having Dominic as an instructor is also his background in athletic development. One of the most overlooked aspects in hitting instruction is the need to focus on creating efficient movement patterns while increasing movement awareness and motor coordination. Part of his program will be to establish the building blocks on which speed, power and agility will be built off of, resulting in increasing overall athleticism and a more complete player to compete optimally in their sports unique movement requirements.

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Online Training Plans

Are you a player wanting interactive coaching from Dominic, customized training plan, and in-depth video analysis of your baseball mechanics?
3D Sports Performance offers training packages in hitting, pitching, catching, outfield, baserunning and strength to fit your specific needs. How does it work?




.00 /month
  • Best For:
    Long-term development and steady improvement of skills.

  • 1
    monthly video analysis

  • 1 customized weekly training plan

  • 2GB
    video storage


$ .00 /month
  • Best For:
    More interaction with your coach; moderate overhaul of a skill.

  • 2
    monthly video analyses

  • 2 customized weekly training plans

  • 4GB
    video storage




.00 /month
  • Best For:
    Rapidly fixing a mechanical issue; major overhaul of a skill.

  • 4
    monthly video analyses

  • 4 customized weekly training plans

  • 6GB
    video storage




  • Best For:
    See what a video analysis is all about; fresh set of eyes.

  • 1
    video analysis

  • customized weekly training plans

  • video storage

How Does Online Training Work?

Film Yourself

Using your phone, tablet device, or digital camera take a video of yourself performing the action you want help with.

Upload Your Video

Upload the video to your media locker through our app or using your web-based online account and tag it for review.

Video Analysis

Using markup tools and audio commentary Dominic will personally examine your video and provide analysis of your mechanics.

Custom Training Plan

With each video analysis, Dominic provides a custom training plan to focus on your specific needs.

Direct Instructor Access

Direct access to Dominic where you can ask questions and review your progress.

Coaching Videos

Observe as Dominic walks you through the mechanics of every activity assigned to you.