Hitting Camp - All Levels

This will be a hitting camp designed to introduce the Epstein Hitting System by a member of Esptein HItting's Master Certified Instructors-Rich Lovell. One on one instruction provided to  players to begin understanding proper proper footwork, swing sequence with proper hand and bat path. A video will be taken of the players swing to be uploaded into our video analysis software where a complete analysis comparing your player to an elite hitter. The video will be recorded and shared with the player in their Online Academy Locker to be viewed and studied whenever they like. In addition, all new players will receive a 30-day trial of our Online Training Academy ($43 value; automatic renewal occurs after initial month for new academy members). In the Online Academy, each player will be able to view their video analysis, review their customized training plan and then watch a video of the specific drill designed for their personal plan to begin improving their swing and correcting their swing flaw(s). The drills can be used in-season to help maintain bat speed, proper hand and bat path and make minor adjustments. In the off season, more in-depth changes can be made so as not to disrupt the players in-season performance.

Hitting Improvement Camp

Most hitting camps are very large-20, 30 or more players and typically with no specific instruction for a player’s hitting faults-just the same old good intentions, but misleading hitting cues. My camps are purposely designed to be smaller for a better learning environment for the player and coaches and coaches and parents are encouraged to participate in the learning process.

People always ask us, "What makes Epstein Hitting so successful?" The answer is simple; it is the process of identifying the swing faults and having a PROGRAM to fix those faults for good. With the readily available use of slow-motion video, anyone can compare players side-by-side to see the differences, however a Certified Epstein Instructor has the tools & training to identify the differences/faults and Jake Epstein's time tested drills to create a plan focused on the player's needs. As a bonus, your player will be working with 1 of only 8 Master Certified Instructors, Rich Lovell, who has personally trained with Jake for over 400 hours.

This hitting camp is designed for Baseball and Softball players to introduce the Epstein Hitting System. Starting with an explanation of the Epstein Hitting System and moving into what differentiates us from all of the other instructors out there, Rich will explain Style vs Technique, the correct hitting sequence-to include a proper Launch position, sequence, hand and bat path, and start the players in ‘dry drills’. Emphasis on Technique positions and terms, with Group and One on One instruction during dry drills to prepare for active drills with the same tools we use in our Online Academy. During drills, individual player video will be taken of their swing to be uploaded into our video analysis software with a complete analysis comparing your player to an elite hitter uploaded into the players Online Academy Locker. Players and parents will have free access to the Online Academy for 30 days to test drive our Online Hitting Academy. In the Online Academy you can view their video analysis, review their customized training plan where they will have access to specific videos demonstrating the proper technique to use in the drill to begin correcting their swing fault(s). 

Rhythm, tempo and timing are introduced during the Q&A session at the end, as well as an introduction to the mental side of hitting.

Remember, towards the end of the Online Academy trial you will be asked if you want to continue with the Online Academy or Cancel. If you want to continue with improving your players swing and hitting, do nothing. If you wish to stop/cancel your subscription, you have a couple of options. You can either fully cancel, or you can choose to go ‘on the bench’ and start back up at a later date.