About The Program


The Foundation of Epstein Hitting

The Epstein Teaching System was first created by my dad, Mike, who was a 10-year Major League player and 1972 World Series champion (led the A's that year in HRs). My dad, having played for arguably the greatest hitter of all-time, Ted Williams (1969 Washington Senators), re-kindled his relationship back in the 1980's. I remember my dad leaving for weeks at a time saying he was going to see "Ted." Of course, at the time I had no idea who this "Ted" really was.

Every year for the next 10, my Dad would go to Florida and talk hitting with the best mind in the game. When my Dad finally put all those notes into a legible and learned form, Ted Williams handed him a Letter of Recommendation for hitting instruction -- a great feat indeed!

The Hitting Skills Taught

From Shoeless Joe Jackson to Babe Ruth to Miguel Cabrera, baseball's greatest hitters have all shared the same core mechanics. These mechanics were learned through emulation. The great Ted Williams told my dad back in 1969, "Watch the great hitters Mike. They will tell you everything you need to know." Now, with the use of slow-motion video technology (and the Epstein Teaching System) we can change the learning process from years to days!

The Teaching System

People always ask us, "What makes Epstein Hitting so successful?" The answer is simple; it is the process of identifying the swing faults and having a PROGRAM to fix those faults for good. With the readily available use of slow-motion video, anyone can compare players side-by-side to see the differences. However, a Certified Epstein Instructor has the tools, training and Jake Epstein's time tested drills to create a plan focused on the player's needs.


Highlands Ranch, CO

Jake Epstein


About Jake

Jake is often referred to as the top hitting instructor in the entire country. His ability to understand the swing on a biophysical level and then translate that data in an easy to learn, understandable teaching system is what makes his results so extraordinary. Jake currently consults with 3 MLB organizations, has trained over 250 professional baseball players in addition to his countless number of NCAA baseball and softball stars.

Jake is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton, earning degrees in Business (Marketing) and Communications (Advertising).

His baseball experience includes four years of Division I college baseball (Missouri, Cal State Fullerton), earning all-conference honors in both the Big 12 and West Coast Conferences. His collegiate career was highlighted by leading the power-dominant Big 12 Conference in home runs (15) and RBI (55) as a sophomore at the University of Missouri. He holds the Big 12 record for the longest home run hit, 576′, in a Big 12 conference championship game (1998 in Oklahoma City).

He played one season in the Anaheim Angels organization, batting .336 and leading his team in several major offensive categories. He left after one year of professional baseball to pursue a business career as the Sales and Marketing Manager for Kemper Sports, at the Black Gold Golf Club in Yorba Linda, CA, before joining Mike Epstein Hitting in 2003.

Jake is the founder of the Epstein Online Academy and has been a full-time instructor since 2003. He currently has over 40 students in Professional Baseball and countless others at the collegiate level.


Jake Teaches: Hitting

Fayetteville, GA

Robert Ambrose


About Robert

I love helping athletes reach their full potential, and am committed to the science of hitting and pitching. Come for a lesson to find out how the science of hitting and pitching can improve your performance!


Robert Teaches: Hitting, Pitching and Mental

Spring, TX

Taylor Bales


About Taylor


Taylor Teaches: Hitting, Catching and Mental

Denver, CO

Tyler Bybee


About Tyler

Tyler Bybee is a Colorado native with more than 20 years of baseball experience. He grew up playing South East Denver Baseball and earned a starting position on several competitive traveling teams. He played baseball at Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver, CO and collegiate baseball at Adams State University. Tyler holds a Bachelor?s degree in Sports Management and a minor in Coaching. He is a Certified Epstein Hitting Instructor and has been dedicating his time towards developing, inspiring and mentoring baseball and softball players. He understands the importance of developing quality hitting mechanics, along with the mental aspects of hitting, helping each player to perform at their peak potential.


Tyler Teaches: Hitting


Gary Ganick


About Gary

I have been MEH certified since 2007 played college BB at Vanderbilt (wood bat era!)...and have two sons that played college baseball (one currently at Austin Peay State University). It's been my pleasure to Coach several youth baseball teams over the years that have reached national recognition, and as well to have served as personal hitting instructor to many (and growing number of) players that have gone on to play at the college level.


Gary Teaches: Hitting

Omaha, NE

Jeff Leise


About Jeff


Jeff Teaches: Hitting

Vacaville, CA

Rich Lovell


About Rich

Rich Lovell is a Master Certified Instructor with the Epstein Hitting System and Online Hitting Academy. He is based in Northern California and has done thousands of private and group lessons. Rich uses his creativity in finding solutions to a hitters issues and enjoys mentoring players of all ages in the pursuit of their best swing. Richard has personally worked with Jake Epstein for over 400 hours to hone his expertise in video analysis enabling him to accurately identify swing flaws and select specific plans with specialized drills to help correct any issues your player has with their baseball or fast-pitch swings. Each lesson is approached with a positive attitude and encouragement with the player to correct swing flaws. Using individual personalized hitting plans and specific drills tailored for that player, Richard is dedicated to helping students reach their true potential, build advanced hitting skills and confidence that translate to performance at the plate.


Rich Teaches: Hitting

St. Louis, MO

Steve Nicollerat


About Steve


Steve Teaches: Hitting

Phoenix, AZ

Dominic Robinson


About Dominic

Dominic Robinson is the founder and director of 3D Sports Performance and 3D Gold athletics. Born and raised in Diamond Bar, California, Dominic is a coach and mentor who has made it his life's work to use the knowledge and experience obtained in athletics to teach, train and advance youth into respectful, accountable, well-rounded young adults; Prepared daily for sports, school and life beyond. A master instructor of the Epstein Hitting System since 2012 his program is driven by video analysis and swing data. We don't believe in a cookie cutter approach to the baseball swing, as each hitter presents different challenges within their physical and mental make up. The high speed video allows us an opportunity to spot any trouble spots and gives each hitter a visual as we have found that feel is different than real. Many players can't feel their flaws until they see them. We then will give them a drill or swing progression to work on at home throughout the week to combat the bad habit or swing inefficiency. We don't teach the traditional swing, we teach the swing that you see on TV. And we use video of MLB players to confirm that. One of the great advantages to having Dominic as an instructor is also his background in athletic development. One of the most overlooked aspects in hitting instruction is the need to focus on creating efficient movement patterns while increasing movement awareness and motor coordination. Part of his program will be to establish the building blocks on which speed, power and agility will be built off of, resulting in increasing overall athleticism and a more complete player to compete optimally in their sports unique movement requirements.


Dominic Teaches: Hitting, Pitching, Catching, Outfield, Baserunning and Strength


Steve Schwarz


About Steve

2x and Long Time Epstein Certified Instructor Owner of Stance Doctor Baseball & Softball Academy in St. Petersburg FL Works with Current Professional, College and Elite High School & Travel Ball Players for Baseball & Softball


Steve Teaches: Hitting

La Vista, NE

Brian Southworth


About Brian

Brian Southworth is a hitting instructor that works with students across the Midwest. Brian started coaching in 2006 to help youth baseball players reach their full potential. Currently, he owns and operates the Midwest Hitting Academy in Omaha, NE. Prior to coaching, Brian played baseball at Papillion-LaVista High School outside of Omaha, NE and later went on to play baseball for Iowa Western Community College where his team participated in the 2007 Junior College World Series in Grand Junction, CO. Brian specializes in teaching the big league swing to players of all ages and ability levels. He also stresses the importance of the mental side of hitting and is sure to work directly with the player and parent to establish a plan enabling them reach their baseball goals and maximum potential.


Brian Teaches: Hitting

Indianapolis, IN

Dale Speckman


About Dale

Coach Speckman is an Epstein Certified Hitting Instructor as well as a certified Strength and Speed Coach, dedicated to the proper development of young athletes with a focus on baseball and softball. He had the choice of playing baseball or football collegiately and chose football. As soon as his college football career ended he was quickly back in the game of baseball. He played 17 years and was a a perennial top 10 list in the league batting average category winning the batting crown once. Coach Speckman is well versed in both hitting and catching instruction. He goes the extra mile to not only correct swing flaws but to also enhance the mental aspect of hitting and building confidence in young hitters.


Dale Teaches: Hitting, Catching, Baserunning, Mental and Strength